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Anda / 28 / Brunettes


With a rocking body that blows most others off the charts, Anda is the kind of dark-haired beauty queen who will make you thank your lucky stars when she shows up in a nice, tight, form-fitting dress for your date. A popular escort who also spends time hiking and hang-gliding, Anda is one of our more unique ladies. She has a very distinct personality that has made her the toast of several of our group events.

“Hang-gliding is one of those things I never thought I would do,” admits Anda. “I’m a pretty adventurous girl, but I was never a big one for heights. When a girlfriend suggested I try it for the first time, I was terrified. I thought I would do it once, hate it, and then never do it again, but at least I would be able to tell people that I had tried it. So for me it was really more of crossing a bucket list item off my to-dos for the rest of my life. And then I tried it, and my life was changed forever.”

Anda explains that the sensation of utter freedom that she discovered while soaring over the desert on a hang glider was something that she found immediately addictive. “Once I was up there, with nothing but the sound of the wind, feeling like I was a giant bird… I couldn’t imagine not doing it again. I knew I was hooked from the first few minutes. It went from something that frightened me to something that I had to figure out how to have in my life. It is the most amazing freeing sensation, a chance to clear your mind of the gunk and cobwebs you built up in the preceding days. It spoiled me. Now, I think all the time about wanting to take another jaunt out into the clouds, clear my head in a way that I’ve never been able to before or since. It was amazing. It was mind-blowing.”

Anda is very focused on customer service and has a running bet with herself: Each time she goes out with a client, she tries to see if it is possible to wear a tighter, shorter dress. “There is nothing as fun as a bandage dress,” she says. “Because it’s formal and its dirty all at the same time. It’s formal, because it’s a dress, and it’s not a very practical dress, so that’s the very definition of formal. But it’s skin tight and form fitting, showing off your cleavage and your rear end and everything in between. So a man who sees you wearing that is getting his motor revved up because he’s got no choice. You’re in his face with it. Yet you’re dressed for going out. It’s a beautiful combination.”

Anda’s clients report that she is a very personable escort who has no trouble taking her cues from her date or taking charge when it looks like the date is going off the rails. Of this, Anda merely shrugs. “I am good at my job,” she says. “Looking good is only part of that. In order to be a good escort, I’ve got to make sure I can please my clients, even if the scenario doesn’t at first work out like we thought it would. I’ve gone out on some ‘blind dates,’ and they always required work. But the good news is, just because you had to work at it to get a date to fall into place, it still did.”

Growing up Anda was relatively close with her family. She credits her father with her problem-solving skills. “It was my dad who taught me how to troubleshoot,” she says. “When I was in high school and my car broke down, he walked me through the procedure of how to fix it. It was something simple, and he taught me how to identify it and how to calm down about the stupid car long enough to fix the issue. I’ve always remembered that lesson. It’s worth remembering how to be capable in the face of adversity. Depending on what happens to you, it is the difference between success and failure when you counter less than perfect conditions.