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Alicia / 28 / Brunettes


Alicia is a stone fox who enjoys dressing up in lingerie and being sultry and feminine. She is one of the more valuable members of our escort staff, and is known for her ability to please clients and to correct any date that seems to be going in the wrong direction. She also has several hobbies, including amateur photography and playing tennis.

“I think when I can take the time to really enjoy my love of taking pictures,” says Alicia, “I can demonstrate that I have a kind of practiced eye. I’m an amateur photographer but I really think I take good shots. There are lots of people out there who consider themselves good with a camera, of course, and these days pretty much anyone can turn out some pretty beautiful pictures. With the right filters and apps, you can take almost any perfectly ordinary scene and make it interesting. And I think that’s what makes photography, photography: Making a picture look interesting even if the subject of the photo starts out boring.”

Alicia also admits, after some prompting, that one of her loves when it comes to photography is taking nude photos, either of herself or of her girlfriends. “The female body is one of the most beautiful things in the world,” Alicia explains. “There’s nothing I like more than looking at artistic shots of naked women. When light and shadows play across a woman’s curves, across her hollows and her contours… that’s the most beautiful art there is. And it turns me on to look at it. The only thing that is a bigger turn on, to me, is naked pictures of myself.”

Alicia’s naked selfies go pretty much everywhere with her, which has caused a problem once in a while. “One time, I had a whole camera full of nudes of myself that I took in a hotel room,” she says. “And I lost my camera! I was out in a restaurant with my date and I left the camera behind in the booth when we went out. When I realized what was wrong, I went back for it. It wasn’t an expensive camera, but I didn’t think it would be responsible to just leave it lying around where anyone could find it. So I got back to the restaurant and I found this old man looking through the camera. He had sat down in the booth after I left. When he looked up at me, his eyes turned so wide, as he realized the pictures he had just been looking at were of me. I think he turned red as a beet. He was so flustered and I was so flattered by his reaction that I kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for my camera back. Although I haven’t been back to that particular restaurant in a little while.”

Alicia is philosophical when it comes to the nature of her photography hobby, too. “With modern technology, it’s really easy to take photos that look good. You just aim your phone at something and press the button, and you’ll get something usable. You can then use your app and just change things up to make them look even better, even make them look like they were taken on an expensive camera setup. Real photography, though, isn’t something that anybody with a smartphone can do. There’s a real element of skill in recognizing, in the wild and unfiltered, a photo that is worth taking. You know, like those prize-winning photojournalists do, when they capture a moment of history just right? Imagine if any of those photos were out of focus or otherwise poorly framed. A photo journalist has to be both a journalist and a competent technician with his equipment, his cameras. There’s a real art to taking images that are compelling. I think a compelling image has emotion in it, real passionate content. It makes you feel something when you look at it. When I think about it, that’s the same reason I like being an escort. The motivation is the same. Being able to make people feel something, being able to inspire passions in them. That’s what makes it so fun and interesting.”

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