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Alegra / 28 / Brunettes


Alegra is a smart, sexy, curvy girl who likes to say that she is one of the most unpredictable of our staff of escorts. She prides herself on being able to surprise her dates, and she never backs down in the face of authority. She also has something of a short attention span for fun and so she’s always looking for the next thing, which makes her a great companion for those looking for spontaneity.

“I never want to be forced to focus on a single thing, no matter how much fun that one thing might be,” says Alegra. “If you give me a test and you tell me that the answers are a, b, c, and d, I’m going to write in my own answers. I reject artificial restrictions. I don’t like being told that there’s only one or two right ways and that every other path is the wrong one. You could call that always challenging authority, I guess, but when you think about it, how is it that any human being thinks he’s in charge of another human being? Who are any of us to tell any others of us what to do? We’re all just people. We’re born naked and screaming and we die when we get old enough. Nobody is exempt. Nobody’s failed to die yet. Those of us who are alive today tend to forget that all around us, the people we take for granted will eventually die off, one by one, until it’s our turn. I think if people just acknowledged what they wanted and were left free to pursue things as they saw fit, we would mostly be better off, and everybody would have a better time for the brief few years that they’re on this rock of salt water and sand. People should be free to follow their dreams. When they aren’t free, that’s when suffering occurs. And nobody should be forced to suffer unnecessarily. There’s already enough pain in the world.”

When it comes to fun and the rest of the world, not to mention the rest of her life, Alegra gets pretty philosophical, indeed. “There are too many rules,” she says. “There are too many ways that human beings get in the way of their own fun. If our government said suddenly that fun was illegal, think about what that would mean. And don’t say it couldn’t happen. Sure it could. So many of the laws we pass now basically say that, just targeted at this group or that group, or this area or that area. Now imagine one global anti-fun law. People would think that was pretty stupid. They wouldn’t obey. If we all woke up tomorrow and just said, “Sorry, we’re not doing that. We are going to disobey,” that would be the most successful mass protest in history. I think we’re up to the challenge. I think fun is worth fighting for.”

Allegra also loves to dance, and her love of dancing is maintained primarily because she enjoys what it does for her physical health. “I could go to the gym, sure,” she says. “And I look extra sexy in gym shorts. The times I’ve gone to the gym there have always been plenty of men who were more than happy to be friendly and helpful. And I would be lying if I said I had never gone to the gym and picked out a particularly handsome specimen to take home for myself. But you know, exercising on equipment gets old. I love music and I love to dance. Dancing to music gives me a chance to exercise and sweat and really pump up my body. I can do it by myself or I can do it with people. I can do it to be energetic or I can do it to be alluring and erotic. It serves so many purposes. I think that’s why I enjoy it so much. But most of all I enjoy the little mating dance ritual that is dancing up to someone in the club. I like to know that he’s prowling around, trying to get with me, and I am too, trying to see how far I’ll let him go.”

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