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Aleeza / 28 / Brunettes


If you like your girls to look innocent and yet fun-loving, naughty and yet put together, Aleeza is your girl. Her dark hair sets off her skin nicely, and flawless curves will turn any red-blooded American male’s starter. When she’s not escorting, Aleeza enjoys horseback riding. She also takes a lot of time on her appearance, making sure she looks perfect at the beginning and at the end of every day. She never goes anywhere without her makeup kit and she is quite enamored of mirrors, for obvious reasons.

“I like keeping myself up,” she says. “I take a lot of pride in my appearance. When you start out beautiful, there’s nothing wrong with making sure you stay that way. I don’t think I would consider that vanity. It’s just that I like looking good for the men in my life, whether that’s friends, family, or the clients that I go out on the town with.” Aleeza also admits that when it comes to family, looking like she does is sometimes a problem, and can sometimes make things awkward. “I went to a big reunion recently for one side of my family,” she says, “and there were lots of male relatives, people who I’m only distantly related to. Still, though, they are family. And a couple of times over the course of the night I caught relatives of mine staring down my shirt or just looking me up and down from across the room. It was a little awkward. But I really can’t blame them. There I was, dressed all sexy in a tight top and a little skirt… I mean, those poor guys never had a chance.”

When she’s not blowing the minds of her distant relatives with how she looks in person, Aleeza likes to ride horses. “I think horseback riding is very sensual,” she says. “The time you spend on horseback is time that you can really get back in touch with nature, make a connection to life and the Earth. For a little while, you and the horse are one living being. When you’re riding around with all that muscular power between your legs, when you feel the horse operating, functioning, being what it is, and it carries you along pushing its power up through you in waves, that’s just the most amazing way to affirm that you are alive. A lot of girls really enjoy horses. It’s easy to see why. Not only will you get in better touch with your feminine side, but you’ll experience real pleasure, riding that horse.”

Aleeza takes her great muscle tone for granted because of all the riding and other exercise she does. When I’m exercising, I’m building and shaping myself through exercise and fitness,” she says. “But I will be totally on the level with you…the reason I like to be fit is purely because I like how men look at me. I know that the second I flash some skin, every guy nearby will turn to watch, or will try to look at me without being seen, or some combination. The bravest men just look right at me as if daring me to ask them if they are undressing me with their eyes. It makes me so excited to know I look that good. When you are healthy, and toned, and sexy, it makes you a very powerful person.

Aleeza further says that making sure she is properly kept up is the sort of thing that can keep her pretty busy. “I’ve got to check myself in the mirror before I can leave the house,” she says. “I’ve got to know that everything is where it should be, that I’m looking my best. Everyone who meets me should be absolutely blown away when they see me. I want any ex-boyfriends I meet to be jealous. I want men who see me to think about my body for the rest of the day. Fantasies are something I’d like to inspire. Can I just tell you how awesome it is, to know that when somebody sees you, you’ll be in their naughtiest thoughts for a day? I can’t imagine anyone else who can occupy a person’s thoughts so completely.”

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