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Aisha / 28 / Brunettes


Curved in all the right places, with a perfectly toned stomach and incredibly perky, round, full breasts, Aisha is a dream girl who loves to dress up in elaborate lingerie and whose favorite hobbies are swimming, dancing, and scrapbooking — yes, scrapbooking.

“People always laugh when I tell them that,” says Aisha, giggling. “But it’s true. I enjoy making memories. I like the idea that I can take any moment, any experience, and with a single memento, I can immortalize it in my book. If we go to a movie and I really enjoy it, I take the movie ticket and I put it in my scrapbook. Maybe I include some of my thoughts. If I have a romantic evening out on the town and it’s especially good, maybe my date and I take a photo. I can print that photo and put it in the book. And then, later, when it’s not fresh in my mind anymore, I can go back and look at those memories, and it brings a smile to my face to remember those intimate and fun and sexy and flirty moments. That’s the appeal of making scrapbook memories. You’re freezing a moment in time, but also adding your own thoughts to it. So you can look at it later and see if you still feel that way, or be reminded of something that was truly special.”

When she’s not scrapbooking, Aisha keeps her incredible body looking that way with dancing and swimming, both of which she does for the great exercise and muscle tone they offer. “I like both dancing and swimming because neither one really feels like exercise. You do both because they are fun. With dancing, of course, there’s music, and it’s social, and you’re enjoying a night out when you do it. The fact that you’re getting a great workout when you really put your energy into dancing is kind of like an unexpected benefit. But with swimming, you could see that as exercise, I guess… except for the water. To me, the fact that you do it in the water changes everything. I love the feeling of lightness that I get when I’m in the water. It feels so cool and refreshing and pure. On a hot day, there’s nothing better than putting in some laps in the pool. You’re escaping the everyday and you’re immersing yourself in the most natural substance there is. It’s like you’re going back to the time before your birth, all why you get exercise. And I adore what swimming does for my body. It just tightens everything right up in a way that makes me look great.”

Aisha admits that her goal, that of fitness, is really the overriding consideration. “I’m an escort,” she says frankly. “My work depends on looking good. And like it or not, staying in shape is hard work. With each passing year, the tight buns and perky breasts that you were born with as a young woman, those become harder to maintain. I’m looking forward to a lot of years looking as hot as I do, and that’s because I put the time in to protect my assets. When you’re growing up, when you’re very young, you have all this boundless energy. Children can be exhausting for that reason. The less awkward you get as you grow older, the more incredibly hot you get, but that growth is a curve. You don’t want to come sailing down the back side of that curve and plummet into frumpy. You want to stay sexy. So you’ve got to put in the work and you’ve got to really want to stay attractive. All it takes is commitment.”

The other passion of Aisha’s life is lingerie. She enjoys lace and has an extensive collection of it. “There’s nothing sexier than a lacy garter belt,” she says. “I love stockings and garter belts, corsets and other lacy lingerie. I love getting myself all dressed up, like I’m wrapping a present for my man. When he’s slowly unwrapping his gift, when he’s starting to peel off the layers, the look on his face is priceless. It makes me so turned on. I really love that feeling.”

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