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Does wet bunny babes offer service to my hotel room?
We offer “on the spot” hotel door signature service. Our “on the spot” service will put your wet bunny babe escort, on the spot to your hotel or wherever you wish, whenever you wish.

How are the fees applied?
Wet bunny babes are paid at an hourly rate, the number of hour will be specified by the gentleman at the time of booking. Fees are applied hourly on the condition that your escort service originates and terminates within the Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas within a 24 hour period. Otherwise, your wet bunny babe is paid at a daily rate at the time of booking for any trips that do not originate in Las Vegas.

Do you take American Express?
Yes. We welcome all major credit cards including carte blanche. Wet bunny babes does not accept cash, bank debit cards or prepaid credit/debit cards. You must be backed by a traditional credit card in good standing and have good credit.

What makes Wet Bunny Babes better than any other escort service?
We have a top notch selection of escorts to fit your mood. Wet bunny babes are much prettier, smarter, and are much better at “man-skills” than the competition. Wet bunny babes are gracious and affectionate too, they take pride in offering highly personalized service.

What is the refund policy in place?
Wet bunny babes are backed by a money back guarantee. We stand firm in the confidence of the quality of our escorts. Wet bunny babes has rigorous standards in place for hand selecting the ripest, beautiful and most delectable young women. If you are not completely satisfied with your wet bunny babe we will simply refund your money. No questions asked. The maximum amount time that can elapse, before money is no longer eligible for a refund is 10 minutes.

Do you offer any discounts?
Unfortunately not our Wet bunny babes are top notch and the cream of the crop in Las Vegas You are getting what you pay for with the most elite escort service in Las Vegas.

Are wet bunny babes available for travel?
Yes. But certain restrictions do apply.
You must have been escorted by your potential companion a minimum of 3 times on local escorts before the date you plan to depart. Also, you must have a copy of your wet bunny babe’s pre-paid round-trip airfare ticket on file 48 business hours before trip. The round trip must originate and ultimately terminate in Las Vegas, NV. A copy of your itinerary must be on file 48 business hours before your trip. Fees must be paid in full 48 hours prior to your trip.

Are wet bunny babes available to the surrounding Las Vegas, NV areas?
All of our escorts well familiarized with all of the surrounding Las Vegas area up to 50 miles in any direction which also includes the Nevada state line, and are more than happy to escort you to them.

I am traveling in a group, can I hire a group of wet bunny babes?
Wet bunny babes can, and will accommodate all of your needs. We offer the most personalized one-on-one service, and the most personal interchangeable experience in group settings as well, in the role as a hostess, or as part of a group with other wet bunny babes. Group outings are ideal for clubbing, and hosting parties, or for that rakish gentleman that has the money to have several women on his arm at one time.

Are group discounts available?
Give us a call and our representatives may be able to work something out for you. We appreciate group reservations and will do our best to make you happy.

This is my first time using a Las Vegas escort service, how do I know about the quality I want beforehand?
Wet bunny babes has an online photo gallery presenting bios and photos of each escort. Here is where you can see exactly what you are looking for and take your pick. Then you can contact us electronically or via telephone and get to know her a little bit better before you meet.

What if my regular babe is not available?
Once you have spent a specific number of dollars at wet bunny babes Las Vegas escort service, you are automatically eligible to receive preferred member status. As a preferred member you will always have priority access to your preferred wet bunny babes. Our preferred members are our top priority. We understand and appreciate the value of your business, therefore it is our top priority to keep you satisfied.

What happens when I go over the time slot I paid for?
Wet bunny babes Las Vegas escort service bills your credit card at an hourly rate for up to 8 hours. After 8 hours, the rate goes up by 50 percent for the following 4 hours. After 12 hours your credit card will no longer be billed at the hourly rate, rather your credit card will be billed for the next 24 hours at the daily rate, and at the same time every day for the succeeding days you remain with your escort.

What makes wet bunny babes better than any other Las Vegas escorts?
Besides being specifically targeted for stunning good looks and “friendly” personalities, wet bunny babes simply love what they do. Wet bunny babes are hot and passionate and express it openly. They love the sensual attention they get from their gentlemen. They are intelligent and personable, with sexually uninhibited dispositions. They just love to open up to you, and be opened up by you in return

How will my personal information be protected?
Wet bunny babes follows the highest standards of privacy and discretion. We are regulated by the state and local government entities which audit, generates reports, and evaluates our performance in adhering to local and state laws with regards to privacy and confidentiality. Confidentiality is our number one creed. Here at wet bunny babes we can, for an additional fee, set up shadow accounts as well. In any case, personal information within the wet bunny babe network server is never shared on a parcel basis, all at once and all at one time, but rather piecemeal and only on an as needed basis. What this means is that no one person will see all of your information at one time. And we never ever share any gentleman’s information, personal or otherwise, with anyone else for any reason what-so-ever. Privacy is the absolute top priority here.

What can I expect from a wet bunny babes Las Vegas escort?
Wet bunny babes is a Las Vegas escort industry leader. We are highly respected in the business community, and have been recognized for our professionalism and commitment to excellence. What makes us unique is that we have combined the concept of the pretty little model with a safe outlet for which to carry out their sensuality. Most other escorts are in the adult entertainment industry just for the money, and have no interest in getting close to you, or who have jaded, “give me” attitudes. You see, the secret is Wet Bunny Babes already have their own money when they come to work for us. It is an eligibility requirement for hire, for the purpose of sifting out the sincere applicant. That is how serious we are, and what makes us so confident. Furthermore, what makes us the industry leader is that we have skimmed the cream of society for its most daring, but sheltered members just yearning to break free. The Las Vegas escort scene gives these sheltered but daring members even more of an incentive to let loose while they are with you, in an effort to compensate for all the time they spent participating in socially acceptable activities. No other Las Vegas escort service hand picks their escorts the way we do. We look for more than just the outward appearance, we look for that inner sensual spark, that animal magnetism.

What is the minimum number of hours I can hire a wet bunny babe?
The minimum time slot is for 1 hour.