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Meet Our Girls: Annia and Armina

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We’d love for you to get to know Annia! Annia is a fun-loving, sexy flirt who enjoys her job and takes pride in making men happy. She loves to go out on dates and is very committed to the nonstop party lifestyle that is being a professional escort. But Annia also has some hobbies of which she’s very fond, and one of these is cooking. She likes to cook for her men and thinks that the way to a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach. Well, she admits, that’s one of the ways.

Annia explains that when she cooks for her man, she is taking the extra effort to let him know she is thinking about him. “Every man likes to be with a woman who will do something special for him once in a while,” she says. “I mean, ask any guy what he likes most about his girl, or if he can tell you a story about something that particularly turned him on. I bet a lot of them will tell you about this one time when their girl surprised them with something special. Guys really get into that. They like to know that you were thinking about them when they weren’t around.”

Always up for some new adventure, Annia makes no secret of her love for her job and of the daily party that is being an escort. “I have the best life,” she explains. “Every day is a party for me. Every night is a party too. I love going out with men. I love all the attention. That’s a dream come true for most girls, to be the center of attention every single night, and to have an endless supply of men who are willing and grateful for her attention.” In fact, Annia explains that it is this quality of gratitude that makes it most interesting when she is out on a date. “I find that going out as an escort is better than just regular dating,” she says, “because the men who have paid to spend time with me are really grateful for the chance. They aren’t arrogant like some me can be. You know, those handsome players who think they’re God’s gift to women and who think they’re doing you a favor by taking you out? My clients aren’t like that. And because I like my clients and find them wonderful as human beings, I’m willing to go that much farther to make them happy. Everybody wins.”

Annia is happiest when she is exploring the Vegas nightlife and making a day of a trip through the city. She knows all the best clubs and is a regular at several of them. Of course, looking like she does, she’s a shoo-in to get in, even when the clubs are busy. “Every day I wake up with a smile on my face,” she says, “because I know I get to do it all over again. I get to party down in my city. I get to meet new people. I get to have great drinks and dine in great restaurants. I love my life.”

Annia also doesn’t shy away from questions about her body. “I know I’m sexy,” she says. “I love to run my hands over my body and think about what my lovers must be thinking. Being sexy is a lot of fun. Flirting is a lot of fun. I’m all about having fun, every day, without strings.”

Then there is lovely Armina. Armina spends a lot of time focused on self-improvement. She takes a lot of pride in her sexy body and appreciates it when the men she dates take the time to compliment her on her appearance. She also does a lot of sports and hobbies, including yoga, which she is fond of practicing in as little clothing as possible.

Armina explains that her devotion to athletics is part of keeping herself looking fit and trim for the men she is with. “I think one of the best gifts you can give your lover is to be as sexy as possible. A beautiful body is powerful because it’s rare. So few people take the time and put in the effort to be as sexy as they can be. And you’ve got to really take care of yourself if you want to maintain a sexy body. That means getting plenty of sleep.”

Armina loves to lounge around in bed and is famous among her friends for spending her weekends doing just that. “I like to get naked, and of course sleep naked,” she explains. “And then I’ll just curl up and spend the weekend sleeping in, waking up, then staying in bed. As you can imagine, this is a lot more fun when you have someone to share it with. But I really, really like the sleeping part to. I like naps for their own sake.”

Armina laughs as she explains that she’s into naps on almost a professional level. “Most of us, we sleep and take naps when we get tired, if it’s been a long day or if we didn’t get much sleep last night. But I am firmly convinced that sleeping enough is the key to staying young and vital. You have absolutely got to rest enough in this life. There are so many things you can do to ensure a good, healthy life, and an excellently mobile older life. You have got to sleep, you have got to drink enough fluids… it’s a whole thing. Holistic, is the word. For the most part, though, I’m just really, really happy when it comes to sleeping. I don’t overdo it, or anything. It’s not like I’m addicted. But I keep my bed nicely made and I change out the mattress every so often. I don’t want to sleep on an inferior bed. Sleep, for me, is the key to everything about my life, including maintaining a positive and healthy outlook.”

Both Annia and Armina are waiting to get to know you. Don’t disappoint them! Contact us today and see what you’ve been missing!

Meet Our Girls: Helen and Alicia

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We offer you some of the best girts in the area here at Wet Bunny Babes. We would love for you to take the time to get to know our lovely ladies. That’s why we like to give you some insight into who they are periodically. Getting to know our girls is a pleasure in and of itself. This week, we decided to give you a little bit more of a glimpse into who Helen and Alicia happen to be. They are among our most popular escorts here and we think you will enjoy them very much. That’s why sometimes here on the blog we like to introduce you to them and give you a few more details about them, in order to help you make your choice.

The fact is, when you choose one of our girls, the more closely she lines up with your preferences and desires, the happier you will be when the two of you go out. That’s why we try very hard to give you a sense of who these girls are. Sure, we show you their pictures, and every one of them is smoking hot. But when you really dig into who these girls are, you will realize they are the total package. They don’t just have beauty, but also personality. This makes for a much more enjoyable experience overall for you, and helps guarantee that your booking is money well spent. We want you to come back and enjoy our girls again and again. Every time we meet a new client, we want to forge a business relationship that will last the test of time. That’s why we think you should get to know Helen and Alicia a little better.


Helen is a beautiful young woman who is always friendly and always engaging. She is full of energy, too, and is not happy unless she is constantly on the go. She doesn’t believe she’s what you would call the quintessential lady, necessarily, but we think you’ll find she’s more than feminine enough. She loves to play sports and is always happy to engage in any hobby that helps her keep her fabulous body in shape. That’s just the sort of lovely lady that she is. She loves to show off her body and is always pleased when she can draw the attention of men. The more exercise she gets, she says, the better off she is, because the more sexy she can become. That enables her to do her job well but, most of all, it gets her noticed, and Helen loves to be noticed. She is very comfortable with attention from a man and loves to flirt.

Helen has, in fact, elevated flirting to an art form. She is the kind of girl who can turn a man on from across a room, using just her body language. With a smoky look from her bedroom eyes, Helen can tell a man everything she wants and leave him begging for more. She is a respectful girl who knows how to treat her clients, and she always genuinely enjoys her time out. She loves to have the opportunity to meet new people and do new things that her job affords her. It’s one of the reasons she is one of our most popular escorts.


Then there is Alicia. Alicia is an incredibly sexy girl who loves to show off what she’s got by getting dolled up in different sexy outfits. She loves to be active and also loves art and photography. While she admits that she has a few too many hobbies on the side, she is always focused on her clients, and that makes her an incredibly fun and sexy date for whoever comes calling.

Alicia is very fond of the naked female body. She loves to pose for nude pictures of herself, and will often spend lots of time looking at herself in the full-length mirror at home, wondering which parts of her will turn on her dates most. She is absolutely comfortable in her own skin, which she will tell you is a vital job for any girl in her line of work. Her clients always come first and she is very practiced in the art of respecting them. She knows that this is the dividing line between an ordinary dating experience and one like no other. This is because, sadly, men simply do not get the respect they so richly deserve in our hectic modern world.

“I think,” she says, “that it’s a terrible shame how men get treated in our society. Men deserve much better than we give them. We ought to be practically worshiping them and making sure they are always happy. They work so hard and they ask so little of us. A man can be kept completely happy if he just gets regular physical affection. Is there any woman in the world who is that easy to please? I read once a book by this radio personality who said she wanted to write a book on how to make husbands happy. When she was asked why she didn’t also write a book on how to keep your wife happy, she laughed and wanted to know how that would even be possible. She’s right! Women are impossible to please, but meant aren’t. That’s why I like to focus on pleasing men whenever possible. They’re worth it, and that focus helps make my job easy to do. Whenever I can please my client, I know I’ve done my work well. That’s what I live for. That sense of satisfaction at the end of the day makes it all worth while.”

Each and every one of our girls is hot, wet, and waiting for you. You just have to get in touch with us to make arrangements. Don’t deny yourself pleasure any longer! Get in step with our babes and we will take good care of you. Contact us today and let us book the time of your life!


When in Vegas, Meet an Escort!

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There is no better way to experience Vegas than by hanging out with an escort. Enough said. What is banging? Hanging out is an awesome night out on the town. Playing is hanging out with a super hot babe. PLaying as in like super awesome time!