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Wet bunny babes was started out of a desire to bring world class quality adult entertainment to an already competitive Las Vegas escort market. In order to maintain our competitive edge and achieve top status in our industry, we had to distinguish ourselves from our peers. One of the ways we stay ahead of the game is simply by quality. The best quality escorts are put through a stringent pre-employment screening process which is based on the unanimous decisions that can include up to 10 people in the pre-employment screening process. Besides the high quality beauty from head to toe, that you can come to expect, wet bunny babes must also have warm, friendly personalities and be inclined toward things intellectual. More importantly, what sets us apart from the competition is that wet bunny babes are guaranteed to enjoy their profession as a Las Vegas escort. It is imperative that wet bunny babes live up to high standard of tastes and discretion.

We represent the best of what Las Vegas, NV has to offer. We have spent our rich Las Vegas, NV history intertwined with all the excitement that swinging Las Vegas has, with which to indulge. Wet bunny babes have the unique quality of being sexually promiscuous to begin with. A core quality that is a must in a wet bunny babe. The idea is for her to hold your attention rapt. This quality is designed to enhance the night-on-the-town experience as well. As all eyes are riveted on you, the gentleman of the hour, because of the magnetic sex appeal of your wet bunny babe. We indulge in every man’s fantasy, and we take play, very seriously.

Since we are centrally located, close to the Las Vegas strip, wet bunny babes are in the position to respond quickly and courteously. We offer “on the spot” signature service directly to your hotel door. At wet bunny babes, you won’t have to wait a long time, in order to receive the wet bunny’s time, that you are generously compensating her for.

We have a sterling reputation in the business community and rank high in our class because we have been a pioneer in the adult entertainment industry by not just hiring girls to be escorts, but rather providing a safe platform for girls who are already out there “escorting” around. We stand firm in our core philosophy that every gentleman enjoys the company of a smoking hot sexy little thing, that is naturally inclined toward sexual promiscuity. So, instead of just hiring escorts with only an outward sex appeal, we dug deeper, and found the ones who had their sex appeal on the inside as well. The number two qualifier for a wet bunny babe, after her looks, is their attitude regarding sexual matters. No prudes allowed in this bunch. No sir. Never!

We have a track record for steady repeat business and have been going strong since we first started almost 10 years ago. With over a 99 percent success rate we have captured the impossible taste of the most discriminating gentlemen, and wrapped it tight into a sexy little package. A delectable portion for you, packaged in a hot fantasy come to life. Sexy even in small detail, everything you ever wanted is available right here.

Several options are available for the geography, and extent of your escorting needs. Our supermodel like wet bunny babes are available for local, cross-country or even international traveling. Just keep us informed in a timely manner regarding all the details of the trip you want the wet bunny babe to escort you on. Make sure all the required information is submitted at least 48 hours prior to your trip. In fact, wet bunny babes are available not just for all your traveling companion “needs”, but your traveling companion “wants” as well.

Achieve preferred member status when you book $5,000 in escort services with wet bunny babes within a 30 day period. What preferred member status does is put the wet bunny babe of your choice on-call at your command, any time of the day or night. Even if she is on another date with a lesser status member. We at Wet Bunny Babes, believe that long-term, meaningful relationship which, become increasingly more solid over time, are the ones that are the most mutually beneficial. An added bonus is when the relationship has grown to be calibrated to your specific tastes.

We at Wet Bunny Babes, take pride in our dedication to making the total Las Vegas experience everything that you have come to expect it to be, and even more! We take the selection process of our escorts very seriously, we want genuinely naughty little girls, not painted up phonies. It is imperative that wet bunny babes are not ust “in it for the money.” Potential wet bunny babes have to prove to our hiring department, that they are not just in it for the money. What’s more, the candidate for hire is given her own creative pick, in how she is going to attempt to prove that she is, the genuine wet bunny babe. We at Wet Bunny Babes, have seen some very interesting and very creative talents, and so will you. Our escorts moves are well rehearsed, well-practiced and ready to play. We have only chosen the best of the best, most eye-popping candy. Wet bunny babes are rare jewels, and just as precious as they are rare.

Come and become one of our many satisfied clients. See why year after year, we continue to rank among the top in our industry. Wet bunny babes has been thriving from the start, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The most important thing you can do on your trip to fabulous Las Vegas, NV is choose the cream of the Las Vegas escorts crop. We having consistently provided proven satisfaction to clients in the Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas for almost 10 years. Our professional acumen is top notch with our high quality women selection, man-skills, reputation, and service. You will not find better escorts anywhere in Clark County. Many have tried, but our repeat business and customer satisfaction ratings prove that wet bunny babes has succeeded where others are still trying.